Aperçu des sections

  • Welcome on this training session "information literacy initiation"


    1. How to search information ?
    2. How to get access to information ?
    3. How to evaluate information ?
    4. How to cite and use information ?

  • Introduction


     At the end of the course students:

     - Will be able to apply an effective search process

    - Will be able to distinguish different search tools

    - Will be able to find a document from its reference

    - Will be able to use different services to get access to a document (Archipel, Google Scholar, academic databases, open archives, interlibrary loan)

    - Will be able to select the document useful for their purpose

    - Will be able to recognize a plagiarism situation

  • Part 1



    1.Know more about the subject / word (ie definition, synonyms, translations, expressions, etc.) – mindmap?
    1.Once this is defined, can make folders on Zotero for the different keywords related to anthropocene
    2.What do you want to find? (context – article? phD? Etc.)

    3.   Select database/source

    4.   Identify experts in this field